Can you get naprosyn (naproxen)?

Prescription Drug. Naprosyn (naproxen) belongs to the NSAID drug class and requires a prescription typically. Otc variants include motrin, alleve, etc.

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What to do if I have naproxen with teens in home can they get hi from it?

No. Naproxen is dangerous if taken for a long time, at high doses, or for no reason. It doesn't give a sensation of hi, like hydrocodone, Xanax, (alprazolam) etc. It could cause GI upset at normal doses. Read more...

Dr believes I have hoffa syndrome, on naproxen & so far no relief should I get a 2nd opinion or give it more time. It's been a week (mri shows nothing?

Anterior knee pain. The most common causes ofanterior knee pain are suprapatellar plical irritation, bursitis at the hamstring attachment areas (pes anserine bursitis, semimembranosis bursitis, or biceps-femoris bursitis), pain around the patellar tendon mechanism secondary to tight hamstrings (patellar tendonitis, osgood-schlatter's irritation, or deep infrapatellar bursitis), scar tissue secondary to injury. Read more...