Anything that I can do to make me sleepy? Jet lagged/went e to w.

Melatonin and light. Handling jet lag, a few points. First off, this involves more than sleep. It includes diet and travel plans among other things so make sure to stay hydrated and try to anticipate your schedule change the few days before travel. So for example traveling e to w you may want to stay up later and wake up later a few days before travel. Melatonin can make you sleepy. Try bright light in am w/ wake.
Melatonin=ZZZZzzzz's. Adults can take 2-3 milligrams of melatonin 1 hour before local bedtime for up to 4 days after arrival. Also reset your biology clock by getting outside [exposed to light] and getting active [eating, walking sightseeing] according to local time. Good luck!