What is the treatment for abdominal bloating?

IBS. Abdominal bloating is considered to be a subset of irritable bowel syndrome but you will need to be evaluated for other causes like reflux, gallstones, pancreatic problems, gyn problems if female and kidney problems. Once work up is negative options are probiotics, antispasmodics and a new treatment with antibiotic rifaximin. Consult your doctor for options.

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Cure for functional abdominal bloating? Developed after put and discontinued anti psychotics, never had before and abdominal always tight

Try gaviscon. Or peptobismol.Have a regular bowel movement /daily if possible. Drink lots of water and avoid soda and caffeinated drinks. If you're constipated, stool softeners ;/or laxatives would help. Follow up with GI if symptoms worsen.Hope this would work. http://www.m.webmd.com/heartburn-gerd/tc/gas-bloating-and-burping-topic-overview. Read more...

Lupus abdominal bloating?

Not likely! Sle rarely involves the abdomen, except liver. More likely medication issues or unrelated problem. Read more...