What can you do for pain when your wisdom teeth are coming in?

See your dentist. There is a certain amount of discomfort when teeth erupt into the mouth. The question is if they are erupting properly and have enough room to come in. If so then you can rinse with warm salt water and take meds like advil (ibuprofen) until they erupt. However, very often they hurt because there is not enough room to come in properly and an infection or cyst may be developing. In this case they should be remo.
See your dentist. Pain from wisdom teeth may mean that they are coming in on a slanted angle and putting pressure on the area/other teeth. Or there may simply not be enough space for all of your teeth. See your dentist.
Clean them. If they are partially coming in, vigorously rinse with warm salt water, and brush them very well. Keeping them clean is the best way to keep inflamation down and decrease discomfort. Otherwise nsaids may help such as ibuprofen. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is another choice. See your dentist to find out if they need to be removed.