What can be done for crows feet and aging?

Injectables. There are cetain medicines that can be injected. They range from Botox to paralyze facial muscles to facial fillers. Avoiding too much sun, keeping hydrated. Nutrition is important as well, for a quick fix you can visit a dermatologist or plastic surgeon if you so chose to go that route. Keep in mind, aging is a natural process and we all will face it. Nothing wrong with facing it gracefully.
Botox. Yes. Any of the three neurotoxins: botox, xeomin, (incobotulinumtoxin a) and dysport.
Sunglasses, skin care and botox. 1. Wear sunglasses to prevent squinting (and minimize risk of cataracts!) 2. Use sunblock, use prescriptions skin care products and consider chemical peels to tighten fine lines 3. Consider Botox to minimize/prevent crows feet good luck!
Botox. Botox when injected by a properly trained physician can do wonders for the crows feet. The results will be seen in about a week and last up to 4 months. If they are severs resurfacing and non invasive skin tightening will help.
Relax lines. Crows feet may describe the fine lines or creases at the outer corner of the eye these are usually activated by muscle contraction around the orbit. Neurotoxins can be expertly injected to block the muscle contraction often associated with squinting or smiling. Many people your age and older seek treatment with Botox Dysport or xeomin (incobotulinumtoxin a) a few times per year to prevent crows feet from appearing.
Botox. Botox will give you the most noticeable and consistent improvement of crow's feet lines. This is an "off label" use but pretty standard and safe. You will need to be retreated every 3-4 months.