Is there a difference between a sexually transmitted infection and a sexually transmitted disease?

Former causes Latter. A sexually transmitted disease is the manifestation of a sexually transmitted infection. The infection causes the signs, symptoms, and short and long term effects of disease. The disease is named for the agent that causes the infection. I hope this helps.

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Hello I need to know if a urinary infection is the result of a sexually transmitted disease?

UTI versus STD. A good medical provider that you trust should be safe to discuss all of your concerns and your recent history...Including your sexual history. But, along with the urine culture that must be happening, the provider can also test for common stds that can also cause the symptoms of a uti.

Help please! Is bacterial infection like staphylococcus a sexually transmitted disease?

No. Even though an infection could be transmitted during the act of sex does not mean that it falls into the category of sexually transmitted diseases.

How accurate are sexually transmitted infection tests?

Most very accurate! From very common chlamydia, others, such as syphilis, hep c, hep b, hiv, gonorrhea, trichomonas can be acurately diagnosed1.