Hwo would you get a? Lung abscess?

Many ways... The most common way is for bacteria that is already infecting one place to travel to the lungs. One of the more common sites is the mouth, particularly someone with bad teeth and and abscess. Fungal infections are usually inhaled and can result in abscess formation.

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What is a lung abscess?

Lung infection. Usualy caused by bugs aspirated from the oral cavity. Between the bug and the inflammatory response to the bug, the lung can form a cavity of destroyed lung tissue. The cavityh makes it diffigult for host defense and antibiotics to eradicate the infection and it can take many months to heal.

What is the definition or description of: lung abscess?

Lung infection. A lung abscess is a focal collection of purulent materials (dead cells and bacteria) within the lung tissue, due to death of the surrounding tissue. Treatment is with antibiotics.

Are there official recommendations for treating lung abscess?

Drain, antibiotics. The treatment af any abcess regardless of location is drainage and IV antibiotics. Lung abcess sometimes drain into the tracheobronchial tree, sometimes spontaneously drain into the pleura thus causing empyema others require surgical drainage. This is a very serious complication of pneumonia. See your thoracic surgeon.
Yes there are. But they are just guidelines, not absolute rules. The general rec is for oral antibiotics for as long as it takes for the cavity to close up. Choice of drug and the route of administration depends upon the setting in which the abcess developed (both the patients history, other medical problems, how sick the patient is, and the geography).
Conservative. The majority of lung absesses disapear over time with antbiotics. If a lung abscess persists after 1-3 months, then surgical resection may be required.

I work really hard to help my kids stay active and eat right. Now one has a diagnosis of lung abscess. What else can I do so that it doesn't affect overall health?

See your doctor. Lung abscess is very rare in children. Have your doctor check your child out for aspiration, swallowing properly, and possible foreign body.
Antibiotics. The first line therapy for a lung abcess is antibiotics.

What is the natural outcome of the lung abscess?

Poor prognosis. Lung abscess occuring between the lung and chest wall is called an empyema and requires prompt drainage with a tube or surgery. Empyemas tend to be quite acidic and increase in size destroying surrounding and eventually spreading to blood stream. Lung abscess in the lung also tend to increase in size and can enter the blood stream. People who get abscess tend to be in poor health to start with.

What is treatment for lung abscess?

Antibiotics drainage. If a lung abscess is outside of the lung between the lung and chest wall it is called an empyema and needs to be drained using a tube or surgical drainage culture and appropriate antibiotics. Lung abscess inside the lung are usually treated with antibiotics and specimens for cultures need to be collected. Full medical workup is needed to find out underlying causes as well.

What are the precautions to avoid lung abscess?

Avoid infections. Lung infections should be aggressively treated with prolonged antibiotic therapu, in pt with chronic suppurative inf. Or immunocompromised pts, it could happen and hard to avoid, .

Could lung abscess be the cause of bad breath?

Yes, but no. A lung abscess is so completely rare when compared to oral reasons for bad breath. I would not suspect an abscess of a lung unless there where more breathing/pleurisy type symptoms. My first suggestion would be brush your tongue and drink water. See a dentist to determine if there is a true dental reason that you have bad breath if you are a smoker, stop now!
It could. It could. However, the main reason for bad breath is periodontal disease, followed by tooth infections. Plaque on the tongue and stomach problems would rank before a lung abscess too.

Are there different types of lung abscess? Bacterial/fungal after pnuemonia & flu a? How is the recovery after lung damage in 21yr old ventil' patient

Yes. After severe influenza a secondary bacterial process would be typical. Fortunately young patients are resilient and a functional recovery is expected.
Yes. Recovery in young person should be good depending on the extent of damage and baseline condition of lung.
All those and more. There are various types of lung abscesses, most due to a bacteria. In a vent dependent patient the recovery depends on multiple factors such as reason on a vent, length of time vent dependent, type of bacteria, size of abscess, etc. Chance of having a resistant bacterial infection in a vent dependent patient is much higher. Iv antibiotics, perc drainage, and in severe cases, surgery.