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A friends 4 yr old kissed my lips. I do not have a herpes outbreak and have not had an out break in a really long time. Could it have spread?

Unlikely. Unless you have open/fresh lesions, the risk of spreading the virus is miniscule. If you had/have active lesions, then thee is a possibility of transmission.

How to treat severe herpes outbreak around mouth?

Antiviral medication. See your physician or if available go to an urgent care clinic to get started on an antiviral medication such as Acyclovir or valicyclovir. These medications can shorten the course of an outbreak and help prevent future outbreaks. The sooner the medication is started the more better it is for shortening the course of the outbreak.

Can canker sores and herpes outbreak in mouth, underneath tongue, can they look alike?

Yes. Canker sores appear in the mouth area (tongue, gums, lip) and are small, shallow ulcers that make talking and eating uncomfortable they are gray in color and have a distinct edge. The sores will usually heal within 10 to 14 days. The cold sore location of those infected with the herpes virus may occur on the roof of the mouth, the throat, the inside of the cheeks, the front of tongue and the lips.
Canker sore/Herpes. Canker sores in the mouth usually look like an ulcer generally with a red center and a whiter ring around it. They are usually due to bacteria and are often found inside your mouth. Herpes infections are due to viruses and form with lots of little bumps that break up and they have a prodromal symptom (feels itchy) and generally seen on the lips or palate- they need different treatment.
They are both sores. But they are quite different. Herpes is usually on the outside of the lips (but not always) and is caused by the herpes virus which is contagious. Canker sores are usually inside the mouth and not thought to be of viral origin or contagious. Different medicines are indicated for treatment. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate them.

Can group b strep trigger a herpes outbreak? Can I pass herpes through saliva with no outbreak? Have had no outbreaks for over a year or more and suddenly my husband and I got one the other night. I have no sores in or on my mouth... But did get a call to

Any. Any stress on the body (group b strep infection in your case) can trigger a herpes outbreak. As far as passing herpes through the saliva with no outbreak, it is possibile but not very likely. A person is most contagious right before, during, and immediately after an outbreak. Research has shown that low levels of the virus can be detected at times other than stated previously, however like I stated previously the risk of transmission during this time is extremely low. On the other hand group b strep is very contagious, and you should avoid any intimate contact or sharing drinks, etc, until at least a week or so after you finish the antibiotics, take good care.
Yes. Yes you can get or give herpes through saliva and yes it can stay dormant for years without any symptoms and individuals called carriers, a weakening immune system may cause the viruse to be active like depression or any physical illness can trigger the outbreak.

My doctor said that I had a herpes outbreak in my mouth caused by stress he says everyone carries the virus, and I shouldnt worry about it?

Herpes HZV1. Stress may be physical too. Dehydration is classic. Lack of enough rest is another. Poor eating habits contribute too. Excessive sun & wind exposure. YES most of us carry this virus. But avoid the things that can cause it to blossom out. Go to www. for further reading. My Best BD.

Is it possible to have herpes outbreak (cold sore&mouth sore) 7.5 wks after exposure or less likely? Can it be due to extreme stress I've been having?

Yes possible. It is very possible. Reactivation is also common after a stressful period, extreme weathers, reinfection with anew partner Medications may help reduce the duration of symptoms by a few days but otherwise time is the best medication.
Yes. Yes, and once you have it you always have it. The initial outbreak can be anywhere in the mouth. Recurring outbreaks will only be on the firm tissues - roof of mouth and firm tissue around the teeth, or outside the mouth on the lips or peri-oral area. See your MD or Dentist for treatment options -- some help a great deal. Read up on it so you know to be careful not to spread to others. Good Luck.

I recently had a cold and a sore throat. I looked at the back of my mouth I saw small clusters of little white bumps. Am I having a herpes outbreak?

Check with your doc. Your symptoms and findings sound more like strep throat but why not be certain and get a quick test at your local doctor's office.
Sore throat. You should have an evaluation by a physician who may elect to perform a throat culture. It may even be a viral culture if the appearance is consistent by their judgement.