How do you get rid of a stuffy nose without using nasal spray?

First, diagnosis. A stuffy nose can be caused by a variety of diseases such as a viral infection or nasal allergy or non-allergic rhinitis. Although an over the counter nasal spray used for no more than 3 days and an oral decongestant would be effective, try a saline irrigation, a netty-pot for relief of the mucus. Remember, you first need to know the cause of the nasal stuffiness.

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Can someone tell me how to fix a stuffy nose without nasal spray or salt water or anything?

It depends. Try breathe rite strips like the football players wear. They provide quite a bit of opening of the nasal canal if worn properly. However, you should try to find the cause if it is chronic, whether allergy, infection, or anatomy.

I have a dry stuffy nose & I find it hard to breathe. I've had it for a while & I have a nasal spray but it's not helping. What could be causing this?

Many reasons. You may have an allergic condition which should be confirmed by an allergist. The reason why your nasal spray (a Rx one?) did not work may be from incorrect technique or incorrect diagnosis. You may need to get checked out for sinus infection as well. If the allergist finds significantly crooked nasal septum, he may refer you to an ENT also.

What is the most effective nasal spray for a stuffy nose?

Afrin (oxymetazoline) Afrin, (oxymetazoline) but it should be used with great caution for only a short period of time, 2 to4 days because of its addictive potential and the rebound phenomenon with is very common.

Would a homeopatic nasal spray be ok to use on a 3 month old baby's stuffy nose?

What is expected? There is little scientific basis for homeopathic treatments. It would be better to consult your pediatrician to determine why the baby has a stuffy nose and treat accordingly.
What's in it?? The first months are troubled by narrow nasal passages & exposure to dust, fragrences, smoke & other irritants. Baby tries to flush these out of the nose with mucous but this often ends as congestion & produces rattling with breathing. The best rx is washing out the nose with saline & suctioning the remainder. Eliminate irritants from babies environment & this will happen less.

I constantly suffer from with a stuffy nose. I've found a nasal spray that works really well. Can I use this long term or will I develop a resistance?

May be. If the nasal spray the decongestant type, you develop tolerance, if it is a steroid, no, but you need to be followed up by a doctor in that case and anyhow, goodluck.
Oxymetozaline. If the nasal spray was Afrin or other product containing oxymetozaline it should not be taken for longer than 3 days because of the development of tolerance and a rebound congestion requiring more and more without effective results. If this was a nasal steroid preparation and your nasal congestion was due to allergy it may be beneficial, but suggest you see an allergist or ENT for full evaluation.