Does tobacco smoking actually enhance the intelligence?

It doesn't. Some people think that pipe smokers are smart. They might be, but it has nothing to do with tobacco. Smoking tobacco does not make you smart. It kills you with cancer and heart disease. It is true that it can help you lose weight, but the risk is not worth it. Diet and exercise are a much better choice to make you smarter.

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Is there a direct correlation between tobacco smoking and iq?

No. Wonderful question. A lot of people with lower iq smoke because they don't realize the dangers of it. Quite a few people with high iq smoke because they believe they are immune having calculated their risks, or because they succumb to peer pressure, or have some weird other rationale. To my knowledge, there are no studies directly correlating smoking and iq.

How and why does tobacco smoking negatively impact on the body and mental health of adolescents aged 12-18?

Addictive. Since many who start never stop, the younger they are the longer they'll be damaging all the cells in their body. Some cells are just not going to function as well w/ inflammation - some may begin a process toward malignancy. The circulatory system is also stressed. The clearest mental issues are the habit and any guilty feelings. It's expensive too!
See below. Because of more significant releases of Dopamine ; less impulse control, adolescents are also more likely to become addicted.

Is tobacco smoking harmful to the lungs?

Very. The lungs lose elasticity over time and smoking greatly speeds this. If you want to enjoy your old age, quit now if you possibly can. The risk of cancer is very real and cancer is even worse than most people have been told. Why make some filthy tobacco company ceo rich? You're smart enough to have found healthtap -- now take charge and do whatever you can to cut down or cease altogether.

What are all the signs of tobacco smoking?

All! Short list. Bad breath, dark brown or yellow teeth. Ugly brown tongue, nostrils having a brown appearance around edges, shortness of breath from your lungs quitting to work properly. Poor healing due to your blood vessels becoming brittle, this causes your heart to have heart disease and begin to not function properly, spots on your lungs, probably cancer. Brain not functioning properly due to poor blood...

Can tobacco smoking in the house ccause sids?

Yes. Second hand smoke exposure has been associated with an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
Cause is unknown. The true cause of SIDS is unknown. However, there is an increase in the risk in: a smokers household, in premature infants, in infants that sleep on their belly, in infants that are multiples.

What does tobacco smoking do to the male reproductive system?

Decrease Sperm Count. Smoking both decreases sperm count and chance of pregnancy. A matter of fact, smoking decreases the chance of pregnancy by almost half for couples doing ivf.

Dear docs.... Please advice on the e cigarette. Is it okay to reduce tobacco smoking... Any bad effect on e cigar smoking...

Tobacco's the probl. Tobaccos the problem! If using nicotine helps you not smoke tobacco go for it. Some highly dependent smokers actually live longer if they use nicotine substitutes long term.