Does smoking cigarettes cause brain damage?

Strokes. Smoking greatly increases the risk of vascular disease including heart attacks and strokes, which can lead to pretty severe brain damage.
Smoking & The Brain. Research led by scientists in india suggests there is a direct link between smoking and brain damage whereby a compound in tobacco that turns into a cancer-causing chemical once it has been through the body's metabolism, triggers white blood cells in the brain's immune system to attack healthy brain cells.

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Can smoking weed everyday cause brain damage?

Yes, it's likely. There is some scientifically sound evidence that long-term cannabis use is hazardous to white matter in the developing brain. This was especially true for those who had started in adolescence when the brain is still developing at a rapid pace.
Weed. Good news & bad news. The bad news is that it could if smoked for long time. The good news is that since u seem concerned & rational, u can quit.

Can you cause brain damage from smoking k2? I tried it one night last year and it caused my anxiety disorder because of a horrible reaction to it

Very dangerous! There have been no formal studies of long-term changes in brain anatomy related to k2. However, we do know the effects of paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations can be much stronger than with marijuana. The synthetic cannabinoids in k2 bind to the same receptors as thc. Some of them do so more strongly, making the effect more unpredictable. Some may also contain additional, unknown components.
Yes. I had a patient drive his car into a tree just a few weeks ago while on k2, suffering severe brain damage.