Are there any fetal risks to an abdominal ultrasound examination?

None known. Despite theoretical concerns, extensive clinical experience with prenatal ultrasound for the past 3 decades suggests extreme safety with medically indicated use of alara (as low as reasonably achievalbe) energy/exposure. Scandinavian study suggested increased incidence of non-righthandedness after routine prenatal ultrasounds - but larger follow-up failed to confirm this.
No... For an abdominal ultrasound the fetus would not usually be evaluated other than to determine viability (if that is in question). Otherwise, the abdominal ultrasound looks at the liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen and perhaps the bladder. Remember, we use ultrasound all the time to evaluate pregnancies from very early to third trimester without harm to the fetus.

Related Questions

Could an abdominal ultrasound at 8 weeks be off by a month (month further along)? Fetus looks like a little bean & sac is still visible.

Yes. Better at 8 weeks is to have a vaginal ultrasound as they are much more accurate for dating pregnancies this early. A vaginal ultrasound should be off by at most, +/- 5 days, no more. Definitely not a month. Ultrasound is possibly more accurate at this age than is last menstrual period. If lmp and ultrasound differ by more than 5 days, doctors will use ultrasound to date pregnancy. Read more...

What is the range of accuracy for an 11 week abdominal ultrasound? Possible to mistake an 14-15 weeks fetus for an 11 week fetus? Crl measured 45mm.

Sono reliable. For dating pregnancy, an ultrasound at the stage you define is a very good time to do so. A fetus that demonstrates cardiac activity and appears to be 11 wks by crl is reliably 11 weeks. That's one reason for doing ultrasound. Abdominal ultrasound of the fetus at this stage does have limited accuracy with regard to fetal anatomy, but dating should be quite reliable. Read more...

8 week with abdominal ultrasound show only Yolk sac but no fetal pole.

Concerning. If you are truely 8 weeks you most likely should see a fetal pole. I suggest a hcg titer to confirm dating. A common issue here is that you may be not as far along as you think. Read more...