I have a mouth sore an it's at the lining of my gums and under my tounge, the gums where my teeth r swollen, and when I put my tounge on it it makes my teeth right above the sore numb what do I do and who do I talk to?

How long? Mouth sores can occur for a variety of reasons. You may have a gum infection, tooth infection or you may have simply traumatized the tissue. If the sore has been there longer than 2 weeks and is not healing on its own, you should have it looked at by a dentist. The dentist may order an x-ray to help with the diagnosis. Healthy gums are not swollen and do not cause the surrounding teeth to be numb.
Dentist. Go and see a dentist. A good dentist can help you with this situation.
Talk to your Dentist. There are many types of ulcers found in the mouth caused by many things from tooth infections to viruses. Best to have a dentist determine what kind of ulcer or sore it is and weather a biopsy is needed. The nerves in the tissues around a tooth can cause localized toothaches and\or numbness in the entire area even if they are not from an infected tooth.
Go see your dentist. Sounds like your gums are swollen, but this could be for several reasons: 1. Periodontal disease/gingivitis because of lack of flossing, brushing and rinsing and coming in to see a dentist or hygienist to get your checkup and cleaning for areas that you can get to. 2. Tooth abcess or infection - swollen gums best thing to do is to go see a dentist, especially if its been over a year.
Talk to a dentist. Should get a dental exam done to see if it is tooth related or not. It could also be a symptom of systemic disease showing up in the oral cavity, just like you seems to have a toothache when you get a sinus infection. Please seek a dentist.