What STD cause the vagina to discolor?

Nothing specific. Frankly I know of no specific infection that can cause discoloration of the vagina itself. Discolored discharge yes but the vagina itself no. Although that being said, infection can be an indirect cause of vaginal color change but usually it is benign and a reflection of hormonal changes and other non worrisome causes like aging etc. If you are not sure or have discharge too see your doctor.

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What STDs cause inner& outside vagina bumps?

Bumps. Certainly the most common std would be herpes. Most heretic infections are painful.

The skin of my vagina has gone from pink to white. Not discharge. The skin is turning white. Is this a STD if so which ones can cause this.?

See your Gyn. It would be helpful to know your age. Any area on the vagina or vulva that turns white needs to be biopsied because in some cases this is a pre-cancer. There are also b-9 causes such as vitaligo, Human Papiloma Virus, warts, to name a few. This is a situation where you need to see your Gyn for an evaluation to know for sure what it is and make sure its not serious. Best wishes!
Vaginal flora. Skin to white is CANDIDA ALBICANS. If it isn't itchy it may be vitiligo it may be skin cancer. See a gynecologist.

I started becoming swollen from my vagina every time after sex. I don't have any stds. Can no getting lubricated cause this? What's wrong with me?

Vaginal swelling. Trauma, infection, irritation from ointments and soaps, allergy to semen, and rough or prolonged intercourse have all been reported as potential causes of vaginal swelling with sex. Lack of lubrication can certainly produce trauma of a sort. Do not know what your specific cause is, but this should be worked out with your gynecologist. Good luck.

I got open wounds on outside of my vagina few days b4. But I tested negtv 4 std. So what cause dis? N can I GT break in my vagina skin without std? How

Not STD. There are no stds that have as a primary symptom 'open wounds'. So, yes, the answer to your question is that yes, this is not an std and yes you have a break in your vaginal skin. Skin problems are often fungal, bacterial or are caused by friction or other trauma.