I have moderate arthritis in my neck, dr said in ten years.  I probably won't be able to move it. What can be done for this? In pain a lot my neck aches const

True. If you don't seek help. Regular physical therapy and manipulation by an osteopath may help to restore function to your neck. Seek treatment from a qualified D.O.
Neck pain. It should be avoidable. Check your vit.D level and your autoimmune status to rule out rheumatoid. If there is positive finding, seek appropriate physician's help and get treatment accordingly. If no abnormal findings, find a physical therapist or rehabilitation physician to teach you neck exercise and perform routinely.
Some Choices. I don't agree that moderate arthritis must have this outcome. You can positively affect the course of your arthritis in many ways such as activity (regular, gentle exercises, for ex.) which keeps your neck moving, osteopathic manipulation-gentle treatment to keep the vertebral joints mobilized, & prolotherapy, if your do agrees, to strengthen the ligaments which can slow or stop arthritic change.