How does one test for sickle beta thalassemia?

Blood test. Sickle Beta cell Thalassemia is an inherited disorder and new born screening is available and should be done . This disorder is due to decreased synthesis or absence of beta globulin chains . It may manifest in infancy and early childhood and may cause serious medical problems which need to be treated .
Blood tests. Sickle beta thalassemia is diagnosed by blood tests: routine blood counts, hemoglobin electrophoresis to find out the types of hemoglobin one has in one's blood, and dna analysis to try to see if certain mutations are present.

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Do beta thalassemia and sickle cell anemia always reduce life expectancy?

Not if just 1 trait. Having either beta thalassemia trait or sickle cell trait is a mild condition and should not cause symptoms to the point of making a person frequently ill nor shortening life expectancy. Having beta thalassemia major or sickle cell disease, or both sickle cell trait and beta thalassemia trait, usually causes severe enough chronic disease symptoms to shorten lifespan an uncertain amount. Read more...
Life expectancy . With clinically significant sickle syndromes or thalassemia syndromes is lower than for people without these afflictions, but are improving all the time. If you have trait for either condition, it should not have a measurable impact on your life expectancy. Read more...