Should my 7 CM ovarian cyst be removed? I am in a lot of pain, especially when I move (even w/lortab) I get cysts every month, but never this big.

Possibly. Ovarian cysts are common and usually resolve without treatment. Removal may be considered if it persists, enlarges, twists, is painful, has a worrisome appearance, or is very bothersome. Oftentimes the discomfort women feel may not be caused by a cyst so be sure that the cyst is the cause of your pain. Birth control pills can be helpful to prevent future cysts.
? Laparoscopy. For this to be causing this much pain raises the question of a collateral process, such as endometriosis. Discuss with your doctor whether a laparoscopy, which is a minimally invasive procedure that gives the doctor a look at the peritoneal cavity surfaces, might be indicated. It would be really unusual for an ovarian cyst to need surgery.