Will the doctor perform an abdominal hysterectomy using my c-section incision?

Usually yes. Ask your doctor - but the general answer is yes, in non-obstetrical cases (i.e. Gynecological indications for hysterectomy years later). If your hysterectomy is immediately after a cesarean section then the optimal skin incision is midline vertical.

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I had an abdominal hysterectomy 6years ago and had random mild pain where the incision was made, pain is more sever & regular now, is it scar tissue?

Adhesions. Have a general surgeon evaluate you as adhesions or a small incisional hernia could be the problem. This consultation should be carried out as soon as possible in view of the frequency and severity of the symptoms. Don't wait for symptoms of abdominal distension,vomiting or severe tenderness which are advanced and serious symptoms. Read more...

Hi, doctor. I had total abdominal hysterectomy in 2004, and was put on estrofem 2mg. Nowadays hot flushes are TOO severe and unbearable. Please help!

Options available. General info: There are options available to help with hot flashes from menopause, whether natural or induced by surgical removal of ovaries. In addition to hormones, gabapentin & clonidine are 2 meds that help w symptoms (not FDA approved for this purpose, but shown helpful). Options should be discussed with gynecologist or primary care physician to determine right choice for each individual. Read more...