What is urodynamics useful for, related to urology doctors?

Bladder function. Urodynamics measures pressures in the bladder as it is filled and as you void. This can show how well the bladder expands as it fills, if it is abnormally active, if it squeezes with sufficient strength, and if it empties efficiently. It can also test continent and sphincter function. Video is sometimes used to see if any anatomic defects exist.
Urodynamics. Urodynamics is a test that evaluates bladder function.
Test the bladder . Urodynamics are tests used to study the function of the bladder. It collects data about the bladder capacity, stability, power of contraction, etc.. It is a useful test for certain Urologic problems like incontinence, frequency and urgency, or difficult urination .
Urodynamics (UDS) Uds helps us understand your baldder function by providing relatively objective information such as: 1. Bladder capacity 2. Which muscle (abdominal, bladder, or both) are used to evacuate urine 3. Types of leakage such as stress +/- urge 4. Presence of involuntary bladder spasm when the bladder fills up w fluid 5. How much is left in the bladder after emptying 7. Pressure around the urethra.