What is the best treatment for a dislocated elbow?

Reduce joint. X-rays need to be performed to ensure no fractures in addition to dislocation. Concomitant fractures demand additional consideration, and may change treatment. Assuming no fractures, vast majority of dislocations are managed with brief period of immobilization (3weeks), followed by rehab.

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What is the treatment for for patients with dislocated elbow?

Reduction. The elbow needs to be reduced (set in place) and then assessed for bone and ligament damage that may have occurred with the dislocation.
Relocate the Elbow. The first thing that needs to be done is to put the elbow joint back in place. This is an urgent issue and needs to be done quickly to avoid long term damage. After the elbow is relocated, the doctor or surgeon will need to assess the stability. If the elbow is unstable surgery may be required. If the elbow is stable it may only need a splint for a short time and then range of motion exercises.