What are the first symptoms of leukemia?

Acute vs chronic. In many chronic leukemia- people usually are without symptoms and the only abnormality is the abnormal blood work. When more advanced- decrease blood counts can happen causing fatigue, lack of energy, bruising etc. Acute leukemia is a life threatening cancer. It may be presented with fatigue, bleeding, infections, weight loss, fevers, chill, bony pain etc. Discuss further with your oncologist.

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What are the first sign and symptoms of leukemia?

It depends on Type o. There are several types of leukemia, often classified as acute or chronic. This makes 4 types of blood cancers, each with a differnt course and different treatment results. Acute leukemias cause acute illness with fevers and bleeding in skin and other body sites. Chronic leukemia has a slow onset and patients may not feel anything other than mild fatigue or weight loss. A blood test reveals type.

Doctors, what are the first signs or symptoms of leukemia?

Multiple. Leukemia can present with multiple signs and symptoms including but not limited to: bone pain, refusal to bear weight, gum bleeding, bleeding from other sites, pallor, lack of appetite, fever, night sweats, unexplained weight loss, easy bruising, fatigue, etc. If a concern for leukemia exists, consultation with the primary care physician or a hematologist is recommended.