What are some of the clinical findings of polycystic kidney disease?

Huge kidneys. Dominant or adult PKD often presents with huge kidneys with cysts. High blood pressure, pain in the kidneys, and strokes may also be issues. The kidneys lose function over time on blood tests. Recessive or infantile PKD presents earlier in life. Kidneys are huge but cysts often are not seen. High blood pressure and kidney problems can occur. Liver scarring can also lead to bleeding from the gut.
Polycystic kidneys. It is a genetic disease which is autosamal dominant, which means if any of the parents have the disease, there is one in two chance of the child to have this condition.It is bilateral and can be assciated with cysts in other areslike liver, pancreas, and in some cases heart and brain.It is asumptomatic in children and many patients develope hypertension and ultimately kidney failure end in dialysis.