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Experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding for almost a month. I had an ultrasound done, everything turned out fine. What's wrong with me!

Cannot diagnose. You were hopefully seen by a gynecologist. Ultrasound is not the only modality that can be used for diagnosis. If you have not been fully assessed and do not have a satisfactory explanation for your bleeding you may need a second opinion, but the internet is not the place in which to get it. Good luck.

Can influenza or a non functioning gallbladder cause abnormal vaginal bleeding?

No. This is not the cause of your vaginal bleeding. Please see your doctor for an examination to figure out the cause.

I've had abnormal vaginal bleeding for 5 years now. I basically bleed constantly. I've been to doctors countless times, have been tested for infections, had scans but no doctor can find out what's wrong?

Hysterosonogram. That test can look for endometrial polyp. Ask your gynecologist if hormonal therapy can help you.
Sounds like. A hormonal imbalance. Have you had all of your hormones checked? You are probably not ovulating. You also can stop bleeding with medication. Find a good obgyn.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding, please help, what to do?

Need information. I'd love to help, but you've given no information: 'how' abnormal? How many days, how heavy, how regular are your cycles, do you still have cycles, when was your last normal period, could you be pregnant? If you are worried I strongly recommend seeing a live doctor who can examine you; if not worried just curious, give some information we can use to help you!

What do I need to do to stop abnormal vaginal bleeding?

Call your doctor. Abnormal bleeding can sometimes be dangerous for your health. It is important to see your doctor. You could be pregnant, have cancer, an infection or nothing. You cannot know what you have until you are evaluated by a doctor.
See your doctor. This is not an issue for self diagnosis or treatment.