How much dies teeth whitening cost with united health care choice plus plan?

Doesnt cover it. No insurances (that i know of) cover cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can cost anywhere from $100-900 depending on a number of choices. Take home trays are typically your best bang for the buck.
Probably no insuranc. While thie specific information should be in your benefits booklet, I have never heard of a dental insurance plan that covered tooth whitening. There are numerous over the counter whitening products that are very effective and not overly expensive. The best course is still to have your dentist do it! a beautiful white smile is priceless!
Call your insurance . Every plan is a little bit different on their coverages and reimbursements, even in the same city, so the only accurate information will come from the plan itself.
Depends. Teeth whitening can be completed several different ways: prefilled trays or strips, custom-made whitening trays, or in-office whitening. All these methods have different costs, and unfortunately are not covered by dental insurance. You need to contact your dentist and ask what options are available for you and what are the costs.