I've recently had a lung biopsy and chest tube (icc). Is it safe to fly overseas?

Discussion. In general, many centers advise no flying, high altitude travel, scuba diving, etc... For six weeks after lung biopsy. The risk and/or specific recommendations will greatly depend on what type of lung biopsy was performed. Each patient is an individual. The right answer must come from honest open discussion between you and your thoracic surgeon.
No. If complications of the surgery arise during travel or overseas, not a safe idea.

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I am having extreme pain in my left breast. I had a lung biopsy 1 1/2 months ago on left side. Where chest tube was, it's not healed?

See doctor ASAP. Having extreme pain after a biopsy that was done 1 1/2 months ago is absolutely not normal. Even if a chest tube was there, the pain should have been getting better by now. Please call your doctor and have them examine you to figure out what is going on.
See your surgeon. You may have some pleurisy and or referred pain from the tube site you need to know your biopsy results.

Why would they have to keep a drainage tube in, for going on three weeks now?, she had a lung biopsy. She has stage 4 lung cancer, 79yrs. Old.

Air leak. She may have a chronic air leak from the tumor or biopsy site preventing them from removing the tube. This is known as a bronchopleural fistula. Ask your doctor.
Drainage. Tubes in the chest drain air or fluid. The duration is usually determined by volume of fluid or persistent air leak.
See below. Likely she has a bronchopleural fistula or a pleural effusion that won't quit draining. Those would be the most common, but can't be sure without knowing the case.