Is it possible to have a sinus infection without facial pain?

Yes. People can have a condition called chronic sinusitis which is a symptomless sinus infection. Chronic sinusitis can becpme acute and give you pain under the right conditions so if you suspect that you have it then see a doctor.
Yes. Yes. But even if no pain, should be treated to avoid serious complications. See ENT doc for sinus problems.
Yes. If you think you have a sinus infection, see an ENT (eyes. Ears. Nose. Throat) specialist to confirm. I have seen patients with sinus infections (and even polyps) and not apparent pain.
Absolutely. Although facial pain is seen with sinus infections, it is not a pre-requisite. Most of the time patients are not sure of sinus infection or tooth ache so it can be complicated to diagnose at times. An evaluation is needed to differentiate and diagnose.

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Is it possible to get a sinus infection without colored mucus? I have facial pain along with post nasal drip. I had an MRI last month and it was clean

? congestion. Of your nasal cavity and your sinuses can give you the same symptoms, chronic congestion can lead to chronic inflammation and later infection, not sure what kind of MRI you had? Was it direced towards your sinuses or part of head examination which at times shows part of the sinuses not the whole system, get seen by your doctor who would refer you to an ENT, goodluck.

I have had acute sinus infection for 9 days was on levaquin (levofloxacin) 750mg for 10 days. Just finished them but still have facial pain on one side, no congestio?

Something else. Given that even if Levaquin (levofloxacin) was not the exact abx for the sinusitis it should have provided some relief by now since bacteria tend to stop proliferating temporarily while on an abx (even though it did not kill them). I suspect that your facial pain is likely from something else. Check with your doctor or get a 2nd opinion.

How do I relieve facial pain from a sinus infection/soreness alongside nose?

Treat the infection! You'll need to see your doctor, who may order an xray to find out which sinus is infected (or if the problem lies elsewhere). Once treatment is prescribed, the pain should diminish rapidly. You can take tylenol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen in the interim, but get a diagnosis and start treatment first.
Warm compresses. Warm compresses will help the sinus drain.
Evaluation Needed. The symptoms you have mentioned can from a myriad of pathology's so go to your doctor to be evaluated.

I was given amoxicillin for a sinus infection. The medication worked, but when I ran out, I feel facial pain and fatigue again. What should I do?

Revisit. Or call the same doctor and let them know. Might have to take some more medicine.
Sinusitis. Hello. It sounds like your sinusitis is still present. Another round of antibiotics may be needed. Also a different antibiotic with better coverage for resistant bacteria may help resolve your infection. If that doesn't resolve your infection then an ENT evaluation may be needed. Good luck.
Recurrence. The problem recurred. See the sinus expert - ENT doc, for advice.

3 wks ago I had sinus infection so I took a Z pack. It mostly cleared up but now I'm having severe headaches and facial pain, has it possibly spread?

Sinusitis. Greetings. It's possible that your sinusitis was not fully treated because the antibiotic -Z-Pak is not the for sinus coverage. There are other antibiotics available even for Patients with antibiotic allergies. I would recommend ibuprofen up to 800 mg 3x/day with food if you are able. Afrin (oxymetazoline) as directed and rinse with saline wash. See your Doctor for a possible recheck and antibiotic change.
Recurrence. Sounds like recurrence of sinusitis. See MD who initially treated you. May need more antibiotics.

Is it possible to have a sinus infection with face pain?

Yes, but. Yes, but, you need a proper diagnosis first. Other reasons to have facial pain. See an oral surgeon or TMJ expert for diagnosis and treatment based on diagnosis.