Is it possible to have a manic episode triggered by lortab or other narcotic pain medication?

Drug Use. Narcotic medication can induce a euphoria that can be similiar to a manic episode of depression. However, when the effects of the med wears off, so does tge euphoria. You won't experience the same effects unless you would take more of the med, while mania tends to cycle regardless of environmental triggers. There are a number of other differences as well.

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Can a manic episode be triggered by lortab or other narcotic pain medication?

Possibly... 1st, make proper dx. Is DX bipolar disorder, where they're r periods of depression and hypomania? Many triggers, prob an internalized experience leading to changes in specific neurotransmitters in specific part of the brain. The one that will recognize the early signs is not person themself, but the professional or family member that knows her/him best. When manic, feels good & stops med-not good! Read more...