Is it possible that on and off swelling of my abdomen be due to weightlifting to soon after hernia surgery?

Yes. I'm sure your surgeon doesn't want you to lift weights soon after repair.
It depends. It takes at least 6 weeks to fully heal from surgery. One of the most disappointing aspects of hernia repair is its failure rate. Inguinal hernia repair failures are very very uncommon. But ventral hernia repairs can be more than anyone would like. The best thing that you can do is reduce your risk of hernia repair failure by not engaging in vigorous activity for 6 weeks.

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Ihad umbilical hernia surgery last year. A few months ago swelling has appeared above navel. Doc said it was lack of muscle tone. Still concefned?

Need Hernia Check. It sounds like your doctor is describing diastasis rectii, a common condition where the normally-fused rectus ("6-pack") muscles separate; this may look like a hernia but is cosmetic only. Alternatively, you may have developed a recurrent hernia. I suggest you return to see your hernia surgeon or seek out a second opinion--this is easily resolved by a careful hernia exam. Good luck! Read more...
Diastasis. Sounds like it could be diastasis recti. This is when the connection between the rectus muscles (six pack) thins and spreads out. This looks like a long bulge in the middle between the umbilicus and breast bone only when you are doing a sit up, or participating in a limbo contest. It's not dangerous, & rarely if ever causes symptoms. Could also be a recurrent hernia - see your surgeon to find out. Read more...