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Is there a way to break the hymen without feeling it? I have tried to have sexual intercourse with my boyfriend but I can not break my hymen because of the pain. Is there any way a doctor or someone can put you to sleep or someway to break it for you?

Hello.. Hello. If you are a female who menstruates then your hymen already likely has at least some perforations. If it did not, the blood would not be able to pass out of your body. I am wondering it you are having pain for another reason. There can be vaginal pain if the vagina is not adequately lubricated with secretions. There can also be pain if the female's muscles are in spasm. This can be quite painful. Is there any possibility that you are not emotionally ready to be having sexual intercourse? Vaginismus occurs when the female tightens down with attempted penetration. I suggest that you discuss this with your doctor. Your mother may have valuable insights into this as well.
Yes. There are some women that have a thickened hymen that can benefit from the type of procedure you describe. If other issues are rules out, they can usually do this in an outpatient surgical center if indicated.

So after the tampons breaks the hymen, will it hurt and bleed when having first time sexual intercourse?

Hymen. Despite the hymen being broken with use of tampons, sex might be a little bit different. You still may have bleeding and pain with first Due to the hymenal ring. And bleeding as well as pain may occur. So go slow when that time comes. Always remember to practice safe sex and use condoms.

I had sexual intercourse, I didn't bleed! Why? Did my hymen not break? Is this the reason I can't feel pleasure?

This is normal. It is not normal to bleed after sex unless there is some type of laceration, vaginal abrasions (sometimes from inadequate lubrication), vaginal infection (than makes the vaginal or cervical lining more susceptible to bleeding), etc. Even if this is your first time your hymen may stretch and not tear to produce bleeding. There may be many different reasons for not enjoying sex. Discuss with doctor.
Pleasure will come. It usually takes a while to "learn" to feel pleasure from intercourse. It's not like in the movies. Many women never feel pleasure from intercourse, but most can learn to recognize and enjoy it with practice. A few "get it" right away. There are many other ways to feel pleasure together with a partner. Many books are out there, read them together. Key: relax and enjoy.

Is it normal for the hymen to take several trial sexual intercourse to get torn? I directly Stoped from the 1st trial cause of pain and blood

Usually not. Some people just have very thick hymen or is very sensitive down there. I would try again but if it really won't break u could have it cut. Rarely necessary but I have heard of such thing. Also it helps if u can relax, if u tighten up ur muscles down there it will make it harder to break.

I had sexual intercourse and there was a lot of blood so I assumed my hymen teared but 4 months later I feel a blockage as if my hymen never teared. Could the bleeding be in regards to something else? Maybe I have a thick hymen and it hasn't teared?

Hymen. Has no blood vessels, so if it tears, it won't bleed! The blood can come from minor tears in the vaginal skin. The hymen can still be intact in some, so please see your doctor for examination and reassurance, wish you well.
Hymen. Your thinking is good. However, you will not find your answer to this question online. It sounds like you have been having some type of irregular bleeding and you should be seen by your provider.

Can it be dangerous to have sexual intercourse if you have a septate hymen in case the band of tissue snaps?

Septate hymen. Septate hymen is a band of tissue at the middle which creates two openings into the vagina. Most people with septate hymen have difficulty inserting a tampoon or difficulty with removal after expansion with blood. Sexual intercourse can usually tear the extra tissue and may have minor bleeding. Patient can undergo a minor surgery to remove the band of tisse.
Dangerous? = no. This thin band of tissue will break and bleed just as most women would do when a hymen tears during their 1st intercourse. There would be discomfort (as it would anyway) but bleeding is minor and stops on its own. If the issue bothers you a doc could cut that bridge with a minor procedure.

I had first time sexual intercourse but did not bleed, is it possible that I did had my hymen intact but it did not bleed when torn?

Yes, for sure. Many virgins do not bleed. The shape and size of the hymen can cause this - also hymens can be broken from other normal life activities in some girls - don't worry and if your lover is distressed refer him to web sites that will explain this phenomenon. Assure him that his trust in you is at least as important as your virginity. Best wishes.
Not a problem. The hymen is an interesting structure with lots of variability. You can be born with little or no hymen, a thin ridge, thick or thin, one with several small openings or a none at all (a real problem). You know whether or not you've had prior intercourse & that is enough.