I have sensitive skin. Which is better for me: aveeno (oatmeal) or cetaphil?

Either. Unless you are allergic to a specific ingredient in either one, both aveeno (oatmeal) and cetaphil have very good sensitive skin formulations. See which feels best for you.

Related Questions

Why aveeno (oatmeal) cleanser/moisturizer is best for sensitive, combination skin?

Limited ingredients. Aveeno (oatmeal) and cetaphil from otc use very few products. Physician grade skin care would be avene its great for sensitive skin.

What is the best soap for me. I've oily skin, pimples, redspot & darkspot on my face. What soap? Is it cetaphil, acne soap, kojic or oatmeal soap?

You can always try. Cetaphil oil control soap, if that doesn't work try a brand called "boots" this can be found at target. If that doesn't work contact me again and I will recommend stronger washes :].