I have pain in teeth on right side of my mouth and under eye along with pressure in my ear. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Pain and pressure. Several possibilities. You may have an infected tooth or a sinus infection. Another possibility is tmd/tmj caused by chronic teeth clenching or grinding, especially at night. The pain and pressure you are describing is very common for TMJ problems. You should see your dentist for an exam, x-rays and an evaluation.
Depends. This can either signal a tooth infection- you have one nerves from your teeth that run to your ear, and swelling due to the infection can be causing the pan/pressure. Or if could be a sinus infection or even ear infection. I would visit a dentist to get the dental infection ruled out.
Tooth infection? You could have a tooth infection, sinus infection, sore elevator facial muscles. Less common would be a tumor or cyst. A dentist can help rule out if it's being caused by a dental infection. A clinical exam and a panoramic x-ray can help rule out if it's a tumor or cyst. If the dentist rules all those out, then you may need to consult with your medical doctor.