I had a umbilical hernia repaired lapiscopic but am still in pain. What can I do?

See your surgeon. Unfortunately, pain is expected after hernia repair, whether performed laparoscopically or "open". Most people are pain-free within a few weeks after hernia surgery. If your repair was done a while ago and you are still in pain, you need to see your surgeon to help get to the bottom of this. I hope it gets better soon.
Meds, see surgeon. Within the first week after surgery, you can take the narcotic pain meds that the surgeon likely prescribed. If the pain is severe, isn't getting better, or if there is a bulge at the hernia repair site, you should see the surgeon right away.
Time, meds, activity. It depends on when the hernia was repaired. It is usually very painful, and you should be about 60-75% recovered by around 3 weeks. If not, see your surgeon.

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I had a laparoscopic umbilical hernia repair with mesh 2 months ago & there's a lump that disappears when I lay down like before. Should I be worried?

See the surgeon. Oat likely could be air pocket from the space that was left after hernia repair check with your surgeon he will be able to help you better. Read more...
See your surgeon. It may be a small amount a fat or fluid superficial to the mesh - both of which are normal. It could represent a recurrent hernia as well - not normal. Best to get an exam by your surgeon to find out. Hope this helps! Read more...

Had Laparoscopic varicocelectomy 2wks ago. Someone here mentioned risk of hernia for upto 8 wks. Umbilical hernia? How to avoid it? Please advise.

Don't worry. It is possible to get a hernia at one of the incision sites. The chances are very low. I tell my patients to return to normal activity as tolerated by pain after laparoscopic surgery. Hope this helps! Read more...