How contagious is anthrax?

Not easily passed. Anthrax is passed thru:contact of the spores on the skin producing a skin ulcer, inhalation of spores into the lung producing inhalation anthrax; ingestion of spore containing food producing throat/gi anthrax. It is not spread from on person to another. Anthrax is notorius as a bioterrorism agent (2001), anthrax is not going to go around like a flu.
Not. Anthrax is not contagious between humans. It is not passed by coughing or sneezing. Infection can occur by handling animals or their by- products. People at higher risk include veterinarians, farm workers & researchers working with animals. There is a possibility of facing weaponized anthrax in some military deployment scenarios.

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How is anthrax spread? Is it contagious?

Contact with spores. Anthrax is not spread person to person! As we saw in 2001, spores that were sent thru the mail as a terrorist act can be inhaled & cause pulmonary anthrax. Short of this exposure, spores can be ingested on contaminated (uncooked) food and cause infection from the base of the tongue thru the GI tract. It can also cause a painless sore on the skin. See www. Bt.Cdc. Gov/agent/anthrax.
Not human to human. B. Anthracis can be breathed in to the body through the nose in spore form. The spores can also be swallowed. Additionally it can enter through the skin (i.e., a cut). It moves into the blood stream. It multiplies and spreads through the lymphatics into many organ systems. It is not contagious like the flu.