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Stress fracture in boot, crutches 17 weeks, not healed, is now complete fracture, still sore, specialist says wait and see 4 more weeks- 2nd opinion?

Look Elsewhere. This sounds like what happens when stress fractures are not taken seriously. Seventeen weeks, by anybody's measure, is more than enough time for the fracture to heal. It is puzzling to think that 4 more weeks of the same, will somehow make a difference. It sounds like you need to have a new set of eyes reassess your foot. Hopefully, a second opinion will re-instill confidence in your outcome.

Metatarsal stress fracture- 13 weeks in boot, x-ray shows not healed, sore, swelling- stay in boot, alternatives?

Possible nonunion. At 13 weeks, consider fracture nonunion. An MRI scan can determine if any healing has occurred. Reasons for a nonunion may be motion at the fracture or an underlying metabolic issue, such as osteoporosis, hormonal imbalance, or Vitamin D/calcium/magnesium deficiencies. Further medical evaluation can help determine why the fracture is not healing. Surgery may be needed depending on which toe it is.

Stress fracture- 3rd metatarsal- 15 weeks, boot, crutches. Not healed, still sore, swollen. Told 3 more weeks, x-ray again. 2nd opinion? Specialist?

I would get. A bine stimulator....that's a long time for a met fracture....
About Time. After 15 weeks of the standard protocol for a stress fracture and it's still swollen and painful, I can guarantee you that three more weeks will not make a difference. You need to have a new set of eyes looking at your fracture. Actually, That would have been even better 5 weeks ago. There are some modalities that can help with the healing.

3rd metatarsal stress fracture- 19 weeks boot, crutches. Sore, swollen- not healed but exuberant callus. Will it heal with boot or try other options?

Don't Move. One very real cause of the "exuberant callus" is lack of, or less than, adequate stability of the fracture site. The movement must be neutralized and use of bone stimulator considered. When all else fails, surgerize.

Met. Stress fracture- 17 wks, not healed, sore. Xray- moderate callus. Ortho specialist- 4 more weeks boot then walk. What if not healed? 2nd opinion?

Metatarsal fracture. Consider using a bone stimulator to promote bone healing.
Check labs. Stress fractures are often related to activity but can also have a metabolic component such as low vitamin d, thyroid/parathyroid disorder as well. A series of blood tests can often help to rule out the common associated causes.

Met. Stress fracture- 34 wks not healed, ORIF 14 wks ago. Dr, physio say callus, still healing- no running but walk in shoes. Sore, swells- advice? .

Concerning. It is a little concerning that it is not yet healed. Options are to give it more time, or use a bone stimulator, or consider addition of growth factors to area. The presence of callus there suggests some healing is occurring and it just may take more time.