Can skin cancer be cured at this point?

Majority are cured. Majority of skin cancer- like squamous cell, basal cell cancer- even melanoma- will be cured with surgical resection- if caught early. However if melanoma/cancerous mole is not caught early and already spreads to other distant organs then that would make it incurable. Other skin cancers such as skin lymphoma (cutaneous t cell lymphoma) - can be also difficult to cure- however it is treatable.
Yes. Curability depends on type of skin cancer and stage, but most ifmdetected early are cured.

Related Questions

Can flurorouracil cream cause or cure skin cancer?

Cure skin cancer. This cream (also called Efudex) acts as a chemotherapy agent for helping eradicate some categories of superficial skin cancer e.g. superficial basal cell carcinoma, and also pre-cancerous lesions such as actinic keratosis. Causing cancer is not a documented side effect. See this link for more detail : http://www. Rxlist. Com/efudex-drug/patient-images-side-effects. Htm.

Is it possible to cure skin cancer without surgery?

Yes. Depending on the type of skin cancer, cure can be attained without surgical incisions. Radiation therapy to the skin has been used for years in treatment of skin cancers. Non invasive skin cancers can be treated with levulan and blue light therapy. Shave biopsy with fulguration is an effective technique to destroy superficial skin cancers. Many options depending on type skin cancer, location, etc.
Not melanoma. Surgery is the main treatment for melanoma.
Depends. There are different types of skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma can be treated with different approaches, some non-surgical. Squamous cell carcinoma usually requires surgery but in some cases radiation can be used. But melanoma, the most aggressive formof skin cancer, will require surgery.

What is the cure for skin cancer when removal doesn't work?

Options. Further excision to obtain negative margins is always an option. Radiation can be effective for hard to cure skin cancers. Discuss with your surgeon.
Treatment. Certain skin cancers may respond to radiation, topical immunological creams, and vaccines when discussing non surgical intervention. See a dermatologist to determine treatment options for a given skin cancer.

Any alternative cure for bcc skin cancer besides cutting it out?

Yes. There are some non-surgical approaches that involve chemotherapy ointments or light/laser therapy. Consult with your surgeon and/or dermatologist to learn more.
Yes, but. . . Freezing, burning, topical chemotherapeutic creams, and radiation are all alternatives that can (in some cases) cure bcc. But often at the cost of greater or more disfiguring scarring, or additional risk (radiation). Skillful plastic surgical excision and reconstruction will yield the best cosmetic results possible, and the earlier the tumor is found and excised, the better the result!

What can be done to cure/prevent bcc? How dangerous is this kind of skin cancer?

BCC. Removal of the cancer by dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Avoid sun!
Sun exposure. Avoiding exposure to the sun and/or use of sun screens helps in preventing basal cell carcinoma. Fortunately, it is curable with local excision, if it happens.
Basal cell. Basal cell carcinoma is technically a type of skin cancer. However in comparison to melanoma, the more dangerous type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma is almost always easily cured by removing the lump and unlikely to spread. Avoiding sun damage is the key to prevention.

Why do doctors choose to do surgery when there is a proven skin cancer cure known as curaderm-bec5?

Beware. Anytime you see "proven cure" attached to a product, you should be suspicious. Curaderm bec5 is an extract of eggplant, and there is no credible evidence that eggplant is an effective treatment for skin cancer, no matter what you've read on the internet. Not only that, but using these "magical" creams only delays effective treatment (such as surgery), once you realize that you've been had.
What proof? A quote from the archives of dermatology: "escharotic agents are available as herbal supplements and are being used by patients for the treatment of skin cancer. The efficacy of these agents is unproven and their content is unregulated. Serious consequences may result from their use.. ..Physicians should recommend against the use of escharotic agents for skin cancer".
It is a scam. The "scientific" publications you have read have not be published in the actual medical literature. If you have had "amazing results", I am happy for you. However, I could never, ever, recommend this type therapy to a cancer patient without proven data that it might help. Unfortunately, all it will do for a patient is make them poorer.
Not proven. There is no "proven" skin cancer cure aside from surgery. Curaderm is an escharotic agent that is widely regarded as a scam, and has been around for decades. Most testimonials you read, people are reporting treating multiple different cancers, basal cells and squamous cells, all over themselves; to have that many different primary cancers would be rare and likely just self (and wrong) diagnosis.

Do people with bcc skin cancer get good cures after surgery, or is it only a matter of time to a recurrence?

Usually cured. Sporadic basal cell carcinoma (bcc) is usually effectively treated by complete surgical removal. The fact that a patient developed bcc means that their skin has had years' worth of sun damage. Consequently, new & unrelated bcc may develop in completely different areas of the skin. Finally, there are a few inherited predispositions to bcc.
Yes. If you get the basal cell all out its gone. Now people with basal cells can get other skin cancers so they still need regular checks.
Depends on method. Bcc is usually completely curable. Mohs has the highest cure rate due to the ability to examine all margins of the tissue under the microscope at the time of surgery. Other methods have lower cure rates and greater chance of recurrence.
Proper surgical. Excision with microscopically-checked adequate margins (2mm or more) are almost universally cured. New cancers can develop, especially in sun-exposed areas. Moh's excisions are done by non-plastic surgeons with incomplete ability to reconstruct defects. Plastic surgical reconstruction excises cosmetic subunits and verifies the margins are free of bcc cells. We see mohs recurrences; see plas surg!
99% Bcc can be cured 99% of the time by mohs surgery. Standard excision has a lower cure rate because the entire margin cannot be examined using routine pathology, however, the cure rate is usually 95-96%. Recurrent bcc should always be treated by mohs surgery because surgical excision has a very high failure rate for these tumors.

I have always thought that any type of skin cancer when caught early on, by seeing an MD, could be cured 95% of the time. Right?

Early = Good. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. The 3 most common types are basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma. Melanoma is the most dangerous type. Prognosis depends on the depth of the cancer and the involvement of lymph nodes. If detected early (stage IA), the 10-year survival rate is 95% Everyone should wear sunscreen when outside and avoid tanning beds.