Are there any treatments for keratoconus?

Crosslinking. Yes: corneal crosslinking is the only procedure clinically shown to stop the progression of keratoconus in most cases and is the standard of care for keratoconus around the world. Crosslinking is not yet approved in the us, however, so it is only available through clinical trials. I am the ny site for the cxlusa clinical trial (www.Cxlusa.Com) which involves 15 centers across the us.
Crosslinking. Crosslinking can stop the progression of keratoconus. You can review the various locations in the us that are running clinical trials for crosslinking, since it is not yet fda approved. One site is cxlusa - which has 15 clinical sites scattered throughout the us.
Keratoconus. Yes there are treatments and this must be done under the care of an ophthalmologist.