Are there any medications that I can take for essential tremors?

Yes. The medications help control the symptoms. Doctors commonly used are Propanolol and primidone.
Med Rx for ET. Two of the medicines that help essential tremor are propranolol and primidone. These medicines are relatively safe and inexpensive, but their effects wear off after hours, and they must at times be taken every day.
Yes. Essential tremor is treatable. I find it difficult to believe that a doctor diagnosed you but didn't discuss treatment. Tremor is generally treated by neurologists unless a nonspecialist i.e. internist or family practitioner feels comfortable at least with initial treatment. When tremor is very mild, some patients elect not to treat until it gets worse. I'm OK with that: One less drug.
Yes, several!! Assuming tremor is severe enough to warrant treatment, the usual list of trial & error options are as follows: Mysoline (primidone) , propranolol, topomax, Diamox or similar neptazene, or even Botox injections. Less often used: Neurontin or zonisamide. Finally, if moderate to severe & meds won't cut it anymore, 2surgical procedures: deep brain stimulation of the stn or radiosurgery to vim nucleus of thalamus.