Are there any benefits of drinking alcohol?

Weigh carefully. Moderate drinking (2 drinks or less/day for men, and 1 drink or less/day for women) may protect against coronary artery disease and heart attack. Also this could raise levels of hdl, the "good" cholesterol, and reduce the risk of blood clots forming in coronary arteries. These small amounts could also reduce risk of dementia. Heavy drinking (4+ drinks/day, etc) negates these possible benefits.
Yes, BUT.... I agree with dr. Pappas. Light to moderate use may decrease risk for gallstones, heart disease, strokes, heart attack & diabetes (per mayo clinic. However, any alcohol use is a major risk for an alcoholic. Many people exceed light to moderate use and this can lead to a cascade of health problems (including death).
Alcohol. Effects depend on the amount consumed. Small to moderate consumption causes reduced risks of blood clots, stone formation, diabetes & rheumatoid arthritis. Large consumption causes impaired memory & vision, anemia, cardiomyopathy, hepatitis, cancer mouth/esophagus, gastritis, pancreatitis, diabetes type 2, depression, anxiety, psychosis, insomnia, panic, cravings.