Other than infection what causes urination pain?

Pain with urination. Stones, masses, foreign objects, bladder spasms, urethral spasm, pelvic spasms, interstitial cystitis, external tissue irritation from a multitude of sources, concentrated urine, acidic urine from dietary sources, nerve pain (neurlagia), injury, fissures, ulcerations, inflammation, allergic reactions with mucosal swelling, medication side effects.

Related Questions

Burning pain when pee, itch after pap smear. Lab test shows no infection. Doc said allergy to rubber glove. Can allergy cause urination pain for days?

Yes. You may may have a latex allergy. Get tested. Latex allergies can be very serious. Next time you get a female exam, ask your doctor to use non latex gloves...Call before you go to make sure they have them in the office. Latex allergies can be fatal.
Highly unlikely. This kind of symptom is highly unlikely to be from an allergy, let alone to rubber gloves. I don't know what lab tests you got that showed no infection, but I would advise you to get a urinalysis and possibly a gram stain or culture to rule out a UTI or urinary tract infection, because burning pain seems like a very strong sign for one, or possibly cystitis. See your doctor for more work-up.

Painful urination. Cystoscopy normal. No infections. What could this be?

Painful urination. Infection and other anatomy changing problems within the bladder are important causes of pain but are not the only ones. Interstitial cystitis, for instance, is now more commonly recognized. Gynecological problems in women need to be rule out as well. Talk to your urologist about that and other potential causes of painful urination.

I have vaginal itching, painful urination, and my discharge is yellow with a sour smell. Is it an infection or std?

Possibly. You need to get a vaginal culture for std and a urine culture to see if you have a bladder infection.

I have been having painful urination over the past week. I got tested for STDs and everything came back normal. I've had a bladder infection before and think I have one now, I've been drinking plenty of water and am scheduled to see my doctor, but I'm won

Get urine checked. You can go back to see your doc, or you can go to an urgent care. Either place they'll have you pee in a cup and dip in a test strip, to check the chemistry of your pee. If it's an infection, you'll get an infection and if it burns, you'll get med for that. Keep the water going, and get antibiotics if you need 'em.

Can you have a kidney infection without painful urination?

Yes. Yes you can, especially in the beginning or a milder infection. Other symptoms that point to infection are going to the bathroom more often, urgent urination and fever/chills. The pain, if it does occur is usually a burning sensation. The urine can also appear cloudy and have a foul odor to it. If you have the other symptoms besides pain, you should see your doc to get a urinalysis.