Is there a cure for bechcet's disease?

No Cure yet. 41 year old male asks, is there cure for bechcet's disease. Simple answer, No! But can be managed. Behcet's an autoimmune disorder causing blood vessel inflammation of many organs: skin, eyes, mouth, digestive tract, Can wax and wane. Local organ management like Eye drops for eye inflammation, or steroid cream for skin; and Colchicine or immunosurpressant meds if over whelming the body systems.
No. It's good that you were diagnosed; it's often missed and the consequences of this oversight can be fatal. Behcet's is a lifelong management problem, though it may remit. There are a variety of new medications; if I had this, I would be interested in a trial of thalidomide and/or an anti-tnf agent in addition to Prednisone for flareups. Good luck.