Does a high protein diet lead to amyloidosis?

No. There is no relationship between dietary protein and amyloid oasis.
It does not. Amyloidosis occurs when the body makes an abnormal protein that deposits in organs and causes them to malfunction. This can occur in the kidneys, heart and brain. It can be seen for example in association with other disease, like multiple myeloma or it can occur by itself. The reason the body begins to make this abnormal protein are not fully understood, but a high protein diet is not a cause.

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What kind of precautionary measures should take for a high protein diet?

Kidney problems, gou. If you have kidney problems, you shouldnot have a high protein diet. It is also advisable to eat lots of vegetables to buffer the acidity of the high protein diet. If you have a history of gout that can also be a problem. Drink lots of water.

Is a high protein diet good for losing weight?

Yes. Yes, absolutely. Lots of dietary regimens now realize the benefit of the protein diet and low carbohydrates. Gary taubes book why we get fat would be a good place to start. Also, dr. Scott rigdon. The ultimate metabolism diet. A very informative book... Check with your doctor before you start your weight loss program.

Is a high protein diet good for losing weight?

DEPENDS. What you do with the amount and type of carbs you still need to eat, as well as fats/water/fiber intake. Balance/balance/balance/balance!

Is eating a high protein diet bad for your kidney health?

It can be. A high protein diet can affect kidney health. This occurs because diets rich in protein can damage the glomerular membrane (a "filter" in the kidneys) and lead to kidney disease.
No. No provided that the kidney function is normal. Patients with kidney failure need to restrict their protein intake to certain amount.

I am on a high protein diet, can I eat small portions of bread?

Protein and bread. Hi, in general, moderation goes a long way. (i know, the term "moderation" is so overused and hard to define. Still...). A high-protein diet combined with a small portions of bread can be a useful approach to managing weight. You might consider using breads that are lower in glycemic load, such as sprouted wheat (or "flourless") breads (available at trader joe's or ezekiel brand).

I'm on a high protein diet, is it okay to eat small portions of bread?

No and no. Generally this is for weight loss. The diet works either by making people so miserable that they don't eat, or loss of some muscle glycogen, or changing the cues for eating. All of these will be messed up by even small amounts of bread. Furthermore, the whole question implies trying to get out of eating less and exercising more and how to bail out on dieting.