Is it better to circumcise or not circumcised your newborn son?

Personal choice. Circumcision can be beneficial for hygiene reasons, fewer infections, etc, as mentioned previously. Also, there are social issues to consider. Since most boys are circumsized will your son feel different if he isn't? These are things to consider. But, if it's to be done, it's best to do it in the newborn stage because the procedure is a difficult thing to endure for adult males.
See below. There are some possible benefits to circumcision. Decreased urinary tract infections, decreased stda, and decreased risk from penile cancer, very rare. I always tell parents it should be a personal choice. And, a lot of parents choose not to circumcise, if dad is not.
Preventative if any. Circ rates run 0-80% depending on cultural, religious& healthcare practices around the world. The only males with uti's i've treated in 3 decades were uncircumcised & often .