How do you treat multiple sclerosis?

Many successful ways. Although not curable yet, ms in many cases is both treatable and controllable. The most potent medicine on the market is tysabri, (natalizumab) followed by gilenya, and then a group of injectables, including interferons (such as betaseron) and copaxone. Several exciting drugs are finishing research and may be available in the next few years. Many physicians recommend vitamin d, b complexes, aerobic exercise.
Meds/lifestyle. Meds are the disease modifying meds. There are current meds as well as meds being studied. As someone who also has ms, I also understand the importance of being as healthy in diet/exercise as well.

Related Questions

What specialist treat multiple sclerosis?

Neurologist. A neurologist specializes in disorders of the brain, spinal cord and other neurological issues.
See neurologist. And better yet, find a neurologist who focuses on MS pts.

I have been told that it is likely I have fibromyalgia and am being treated as such. Is there a chance that it could be multiple sclerosis?

Very unlikely. Ms is a neurologic disease and its symptoms and physical findings are not those of fibromyalgia.
Probably not. While patients with fibromyalgia share some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, there are distinct differences which should be discovered by a good neurologic exam. Furthermore imaging studies will show problems that could be related multiple sclerosis and not fibromyalgia. Good luck and I hope you feel better.
Doubt it. The disorders are so dissimilar that there should never be any confusion here. But you could have total body pain from a small fibre nerve disorder. You could inquire about that potential alternative diagnosis.

Docs, could a neurosurgeon treat multiple sclerosis?

NO WAY. You live in california? The last neurosurgeon who tried surgery for ms received room and board for 10 years from the state of california. But no reason why a neurosurgeon could not do medical management if trained in area.
Not usually. Typically, MS is treated medically by a neurologist. Good luck.