Do I need to get my baby vaccinations?

Deadly choice . Vaccines prevent illness & death.In spite of the misinformation put out by vaccine haters, they are safe & effective. Cases of whooping cough (pertussis) have increased in the us from ~2500 in the mid 90's to over 15000 per year due to increases in unvaccinated infants & children. This has resulted in > 30 preventable deaths, primarily in kids <6mo. Deaths attributed to dapt in the same period =0.
Take a GOOD look. Epidemic diseases have been the scourge of humankind since the dawn of civilization. We've had the blessing of immunization for only a couple of centuries. Do you realize how CRAZY parents of earlier generations would tell you you are to be hesitant about immunizing your kids? The photo is a child with measles. Children DIE from measles. Do you want that on your conscience?