Why does a person commonly get ovarian cysts? Every few months I get another ovarian cyst. What causes me to persistently get them?

Normal. People not a hormonal contraceptive will usually get a cyst once a month when they ovulate. Normally the resolve on their own. But ocassionally they persist and get larger and take longer to go away.

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Can a 14 year old get a ovarian cysts? And if so what could be the cause?

Yes. Here is some information on some of the causes: http://www. Nlm. Nih. Gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001504.htm.
YES. A 14 year old can get ovarian cyst. The ovary get cysts as part of normal menstrual cycle every month. They are mostly without pain or medical problem. If they get bigger or cause pain, may become a medical problem.

What causes ovarian cyst? I eat very healthy and I am also an athlete so I exercise every day pretty much. I want to prevent having one in the future.

A fluid collection. Most women of child bearing years have collections of fluid in the ovaries surrounded by a thin wall of tissue. This is an ovarian cyst and is common during each menstrual cycle. In most cases these are benign. Diet and exercise do not play a role as far as we know in reducing the risk of having a cyst. Speak with your gynecologist or primary care physician if you have further questions.

I have 8cm ovarian cyst on my right its just filled with fluid. If I was to get pregnant would it cause complications? Or am I best to have it removed

Large Cyst. Large cysts are generally followed by ultrasound. The risk is that the cyst may cause a condition called torsion where the blood supply is compromised due to a twisting of the ovary, blood vessels and supporting tissue. Symptoms of ovarian torsion are abdominal / pelvic pain and often nausea /vomiting. Torsion is an emergency and demands immediate surgery.
Ovarian cysts. There are possible complications such as torsion (up to 15%) and rupture of the cyst and obstruction of labor in pregnant patients. Usually, painful cysts greater than 6 cm are removed via laparoscopy with minimal incisions. Http://emedicine. Medscape. Com/article/255865-overview#aw2aab6b2b8.

I have a history of ovarian cyst on my left side some they rapture n some they taking them out what I'm upset is I don't have a normal sex life with my partner cause of the pain I get I wanna know what can I do about this please help me n now also I'm get

You should be disc. Discussing this with your gyn doc, depends on what kind of cysts you have, you may need to get on continuous bc pills to prevent the cysts, if you have endometriosis you may need depo- Lupron (leuprolide) or further surgery so without knowing more details cannot provide other advice so you should make an appt with your gyn or go for a 2nd opinion, but if u go for a 2nd opinion make sure u bring your records.

Can ovarian cyst ruptures cause people to get peritonitis?

Yes. If the ruptured ovarian cyst contains blood or infected fluid it can cause irritation of the lining of your abdominal cavity and lead to peritonitis.

I discovered an ovarian cyst about 3 CM in July. Now having pain, does the pain cause by the cyst? Must I get my doctor to remove it.

Ovarian cyst. Hi, most of time the treatment for Ovarian cyst in premenopuasal women is a watchful wait, which means an ultrasound repeated in 6-8 wks to monitor for any changes but your doctor will determine that base on the size, symptoms and shape of the ovarian cyst, in some cases some doctors offer birth control pills during the watchful period. Now ur pain could be 2/2 cyst or not, I believe an evaluation.
Not necessarily. Sometimes the cyst will be painful after it ruptures or just prior to rupturing, so your problem may be solved already! I would recommend you see your GYN to make sure the pain is consistent with the ovarian cyst or ruptured cyst. The good news is that these do not always need to be removed.