What would cause pain up the back of the neck and top of head, and heaviness feel on head after a mini stroke?

Rule out bleeding. The first thing coming to mind with this symptom complex is subarachnoid hemorrhage (sah). That means bleeding into the fluid spaces overlying the surface of the brain & spinal cord. Sah is very serious & often a warning sign of potentially fatal problems. See your doctor immediately!
Need more detail. This ? Is best answered by 1's own doc or thru micropayment w/ neurologis in real time as more info needed e.g.Location of the stroke, whether other meds were given, was there trauma?Also, it's unclear by the question whether by "mini-stroke" u mean a lacunar infarct(small stroke) or a TIA (a transient "stroke" that resolved quickly).Pain back of neck may or may not be related to the "mini-stroke".