I recieved a amplatzer closure device in my heart when I was 28. I had a atrial septal defect. Will this ever have to be replaced or any type of maintenance?

No / Yes. The device will not have to be replaced. But everyone born with structural heart disease should visit a cardiologist trained in adult congenital heart disease. The doc can determine the frequency of follow-up, but you should go (some space it out to every 5 years for cases like yours). You need to be monitored for abnormal heart beats as well as heart function.
ASD Device. The amplatzer is an umbrella like device which is used to close atrial septal defects. Complications usually occur in first few days after placement and include embolization (movement of device). However, with time the device has an endothelial layer grow on it by body. You should ask about follow up care to your interventional cardiologist.