I find prednisone really helps me with my asthma and allergies when there aren't totally under control. Is there a less evasive drug I can take instead? Or safer dosage (than 50mg)?

Yes. Oral steroids do work very well but they are not the type of drug you want to continue for long periods. There are many side effects with long-term usage. I assume you are taking an inhaled steroid as a controller. You may need your dose adjusted. Asthma is often environmentally triggered. Check your home , etc for hidden triggers.
Inhaled steroids... You should be prescribed a bronchodilator as well as an inhaled steroid inhaler. Inhaled steroids allow the steroids to reduce airway inflammation without the systemic side effects of systemic steroids as very little of the inhaled steroid goes systemically. If you are still having ongoing problems, you may need the advice of an allergist to better control allergic triggers.