I have a 2 week old baby I also have an 8 year old how do I keep her from being jealous of the new baby?

Be inclusive. When a new sibling enters the home, jealousy in the older sibling can occur. To minimize this from occurring, try to include the older sibling in many of the activities you do with the newborn. Additionally, you should also maintain that 1 on 1 time with your older child; take him or her to the park, on a walk, etc. Without the newborn sibling. This can be your "special time" with your older one.
Help her understand. For younger kids time = love and a baby gets a lot.Ask the 8 yo to assist you with the baby chores, by carrying the bag, helping with diaper changes, with the option of playing by herself.She will soon begin to understand "baby work" time is different,even if you smile and play while doing it. She will eventually lose interest & play by herself, and you can provide one on one time when baby sleeps.