Does alpha thalassemia causes leukemia?

No. Alpha and beta thalassemia have not been reported to cause leukemia, which is cancer of the white blood cells. There is a study of beta thal. Major & intermedia patients in iran, where researchers found 5 leukemia cases in about 4, 600 patients. That is a higher rate of leukemia than in the general population there, but details were unavailable as to what other factors were present in the patients.

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Does alpha thalassemia cause pvcs?

Probably not. Alpha thalassemia probably doesn't cause pvc's (premature ventricular beats, a type of extra heartbeat). However, some thalassemia patients have magnesium deficiency, which can make pvc's more likely to occur. Patients who get transfusions off and on may be drinking lots of coffee, using caffeine or phenols in coffee to decrease iron absorption, to hold off iron overload. Caffeine can cause pvc's. Read more...